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Dr. Kanika has been a medical professional for past 20 years and a fitness and lifestyle consultant for past 5 years. She has trained in various fitness regimes such as weight training, Pilates, yoga, swimming, dance, and many more.

During her pregnancy she gained an excessive amount of weight. Since she has a background in fitness and health, she devised a program for herself after extensive research on various diets and work out routines. She was back in shape in no time and all her health related issues were resolved (Cesarean delivery).

The program she followed suited her lifestyle and helped her strike a perfect balance between her family, work, and fitness. She met her personal goal when she dropped to 49 kgs from 69 kgs  by shredding 20 kgs with sustained efforts and strict dedication. Once she achieved her personal targets she realised that there are many other people facing a similar situation and need similar guidance. She also realised that each body differs from the next and therefore required special and varied attention in form of customised diet, workout and lifestyle programs . This led to the designing of individual customised plans, including great muscle-strengthening workouts alongside customised diet plan and techniques of pain reduction, all of which result in the achievement of a strong, resilient, and desired body type, which is well contoured and shaped.
All of this led to her foray in the arena of weight loss and lifestyle disease management.

Her clinic in South Delhi aims at making you healthier and fitter thereby making you feel confident and liberate you NOW and ALWAYS!


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"Let me join you on your journey to fitness and ease all your roadblocks"

Dr. Kanika Chauhan