Dr. Kanika Chauhan

Success Stories

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“Before meeting Dr Kanika, I did not believe that excessive weight loss without any side effects was possible since I had tried and failed several times. My fluctuating blood pressure and a high level of uric acid in my body always caused a hindrance to the entire process of weight loss. However, on consulting with Dr Kanika and following the customised plan designed specifically for me, I saw miraculous results in only three months. I lost 12 kgs and 4 inches from my waist. The diet in the program also managed to keep my blood pressure and uric acid in check!
Mr Anurag Misra, Bihar
Govt. Official
“I have had a very pleasant experience affiliating myself with Dr. Kanika. The programme designed by her gave me a rather holistic experience by helping me lose all my excessive weight and tackle my physical ailment. Her healthy and balanced diet plan perfectly complements the entire programme. My best wishes to Dr. Kanika.”​
Mrs. Vijika Singh, New Delhi
Associate professor (Delhi University)
“Meeting Dr. Kanika was a game changer for me. She helped me reach my target weight just in 3 months. Her generosity. Dedication and warmth towards her clients are a cherry on top! May god bless her with success and happiness.”
Mrs. Neha Aggarwal, New Delhi
"Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. Kanika for taking out time from her busy schedule and personally catering to my needs! I have PCOD which led me to gain an excessive amount of weight, difficult to lose with numerous efforts. On top of that I gained another 15 kgs post pregnancy. All my efforts went to waste and I saw no results! That is when I walked into the Nu-Fit clinic, which had a very peaceful and positive vibe. On following Dr. Kanika’s program, I finally began to see results! Her programs keep you well within your comfort zone and make your journey to fitness, a comfortable one!"
Mrs. Chhavi, Faridabad
"I am extremely thankful to Dr. Kanika for relieving me from my back pain, which I was suffering from, for a long time. The exercises and stretches suggested by her, worked like magic. I am currently following her weight loss program, inclusive of a customised diet and work out regime specially designed for me. I am excited to see the results!"
Mr. Sanjay Mohan, Ghaziabad
Govt. Official
"I am 55yrs old and when I started Dr Kanika’s weight loss and pain management programme I was suffering not only from issues of being overweight, but also severe pain in my knees and lower back. My back pain was excruciating and would often radiate to my leg. I also suffered cervical pain and thoracic kyphosis. Dr Kanika with her unique customised plan of diet and workout, patiently helped me overcome my overweight issues within 3 months. She also designed my workout plan in accordance to my lower back ache, which relieved me of my sciatica pain and gave me great relief. Post the program, she taught me how to maintain my weight and gave me a workout programme to keep me free of my body aches. She also deigned my programme keeping in mind my incorrect posture. I wish her success and love. God bless her!"
Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Misra, Allahabad, U.P